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Posted by Don Aters on 01/10/02 - 18:10:34
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For the record, I've never implied the degree of quality in any images.  However, some of them hang in museums in this country which means they weren't done with a $5 camera with point and shoot instructions.
As for you English, your record speaks for itself.  Cornwallis didn't fare well, Hitler almost overran the country and could have at any given time but with Churchill and a tinge of help from geez........dare i say, the U.S., you are still on the map.
Even "Braveheart" has a way of showing how to get away from the Governing body, albeit, with his head hung on London bridge.  I vaguely remeber a Protestant keeping your country united for a lengthy period and he was also beheaded.  i guess it's beter to be run by a figure head, who doesn't run the country but becomes more wealthy on a daily basis.  
As for "pussy", i find that quite humorous, and as the saying goes in the city, I got your pussy swinging buddy".

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