correct, there are worse things

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Posted by Don Aters on 01/10/02 - 18:02:27
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I'm still healing from a war that ended officially, almost 27 years ago, so, Sept. 11th is much more alarming but............I didn't take the comment from England any more of a detriment than the "I'm from NYC" comment. (Not yours jay).
Frankly, I love it in England and Scotland, although it rains to much for this restructured body.
I can think of a ton of dates, Dec. 7th, 1941, July 11, 1968,July rth, 1776, Nov, 22, 1963, and they are all events that are pertinent to me, however, there are more heroes than just NYC firemen.  John Kerry, who was slandered not long ago for an event that transpired when he was in Vietnam, weathered that storm with a little diplomacy.  Thoughts were to take away his Silver Star, and what is the distinct difference between that and The medal of Honor?  Recommendation.
Add to that, how do you strip away The Silver Star from the last Congressional medal of Honor recipient in that war, who lost one leg saving four others?
 Yes, there are more important things but, diplomacy should be utilized regardless of importance.

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