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Posted by Donna (Yukiah) on 01/10/02 - 17:27:18
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I didn't see the post re: Goombah. MC, PLEASE think on the impact here. I can't speak for Goombah nor for you. But I HAVE seen some shit on this board that I thought went over the top, but no one to my knowledge has been banned. I WISH THE HELL NO ONE WOULD ATTACK ANYONE, BUT THINGS GET TENSE AT TIMES AND WE ALL LOSE IT ONCE & A WHILE. YOU INCLUDED! I RESPECT you and your feelings, BELIEVE THAT OR NOT. But I also RESPECT Don & Goombah & Cricket & Ethel & Ray & Liz & Jay & Christo & Paul S & PK and EVERYONE else on this board who have contributed and made this place a good place to be.

If ANYONE is banned for losing it in a moment of passion or anger, then this changes things here and not for the better. Please EVERYONE Chill the f*k out and MC, please reconsider. Goombah is good people and I think in your heart you know that.

Donna (Yukiah)

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