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Posted by Paul S. on 01/10/02 - 17:12:59
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Fog, Humans, wild animals, domestic animals, plants, dirt, sunlight, thought, non thought, Zen, stars, space, computers, telescopes, trees, dreamcatchers, posters, L.S.D., the sky, the sea, oxygen, fossils, hockey pucks, composts, reptiles, scabs, calanders, ouija boards, sand, mountains, beaches, mushrooms, roads, glass, fish, traffic lights, wompums, rhythm, chaos, plastic, valleys, Eagles nests, Space shuttles, Indica, $1 coins, history, cemetary's, Flags, pirates, Washing machines, band-aids, helmet's, milk crates, whales, Peace, pussy willows, statues, worms....   From a barely escaped by the skin of his teeth Irish /Catholic escapee

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