You Americans are SOOOO sensitive....Hooray for Brit Common Sense!

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Posted by Getting Heavy Fundamentalist on 01/10/02 - 16:54:11
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It was only a week or so back the gorgeous-when-smeared-in-Vick's-Vapour-Rub Melissa posted in the middle of the night to see if anyone would post back to her becsuse she was miserable and lonely. (And that started up talk of having a Jefferson Chatroom!)

...and Melissa and Christo were about to have online sex. (Good job I got between, so to speak!)

And Scott tells us how good his Merlot is on any particular night,

And Christo writes poetry for Ethel - whose husband's sodding name usually takes up about 20MB alone! And Ethel talks about painting...and sculpture...and friends...and school...and....

Kevin posts about hating animal rights activists - so the tree huggers blast him back. (So Kevin, being Kevin, goes looking for a bigger shotgun.)

Don tells the world a what wondeful photographer he is - yet how, him being the kind of guy he is, he just gives it all away.

And PK himself waxes endlessly about his-left-the-Sixties-but-never-really-connected-to-any-other-decade politics.

While I drivel on ad finitum about minor facts in the Airpship history and the 76,0000 possible imlications of those minor facts.

And Jon lusts child-like for Dsrby.

What a wonderful set of characters the Jefferson Dysfucntional Family is!

But it was all getting a litte silly on the levels of meeting up at such and such a place.

So Webmaster says use your e-mail for that kind of thing while Michael explains the limitations of server space.

Just about everyone suddenly seems to have a collective fit - Ethel possibly a complete nervous breakdown, judging from her totally-out of the blue decision to quit the board. Goombah gets very rude and nasty to the Webmaster - who, in a surprise show of Nazi tendencies combined with sheer stubborness, bans Goombah while simulataneously flipping the bird to Paul.

FOR GOODNESS SAKE, you pussy Yanks, go see your shrinks!

Forget the band fighting amongst themselves, you should go see the fans.

Pretty soon, it'll be: Planebrains are better at self-mutilation tha Deadheads!

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