Good God... I leave for a day or two and...

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Posted by Roman on 01/10/02 - 16:41:51
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What is going on with everyone out there?  What is this about Eth leaving? Goombah?  

I realize I'm from comparatively white-bread not-too-much-attitude Indianapolis and can't really understand the fierceness that many in NYC or Chicago seem to take pride in, but REALLY!  Get a grip.  The written word really IS almost as powerful as physical force.  We all have to realize that without facial or tonal expressions such as in a face-to-face conversation, that writers often feel free to dehumanize those who are reading the posts since we can't put a face to the name.  This is where our rhetoric gets out of hand. I've been guilty of it in the past, as you all know. And it seems that hard-working Webmaster and several others have fallen into this trap. So... let's just talk about the weather for a couple of days and then resume our "discussions" at a less-heated pace.

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