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Posted by Donna (Yukiah) on 01/10/02 - 16:25:07
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A little humor goes a long way I guess. Even if it has an edge to it. Because my posts were the last to make it on before YOU posted, I thought you meant me personally...and maybe, just maybe, one or two others. I felt hurt because I don't think I've done anything anyone else hasn't done as far as responding to someone's post & I don't think I've ever attacked ANYONE either. I feel the same for the other one or two I thought you might have meant. And these are people I care about and respect.

As far as the music, I can't comment on it in quite the same way that Don and some others do, as I lack their degree of knowledge and that particular talent. So instead, I just say how it makes me feel, or what it's meant to me. When things get a little political, I sometimes throw my two cents into the mix...and so what.

In any case, I personally don't care what anyone writes as long as it dosen't harm anyone. The main thrust here is music and JS music in particular. If sometimes we or I go off in a different direction, it's still the music that has brought us here and adds new and interesting flavors to the board. For me anyway. Just my opinion.

I hope this post is not too jumbled, too dull, too out of line, too whatever. I've seen a lot better and a lot worse. It's been a tense morning and I'm extremely tired. I do hope we ALL give each other a break and lighten up. That includes you. But don't ever think that I don't respect you or the work you do. Or anyone on this board for that matter. Paul Kantner especially.

Donna (Yukiah)

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