bantering the webmaster and each other

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Posted by Don Aters on 01/10/02 - 15:59:49
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As i have stated both on personal; EM and on this site, the product deleivered by said webmaster is quite the piece of work.  I doubt that one liner was censored nor should it have been but, what's the distinct difference between that and the ranting of some who need a political forum and not one designed for music.
Perhpas it's just the water, a bad day for everyone and we all need to relax and get over it.
As for the NYC connetations, i grew up on the southside of Chicago, close to "The green" as they say and violence was a way of life and not always by choice.
They don't breed attitude in NYC nor in Chicago, it's in your soul and sometimes it surfaces at the most inopportune time.
My cousins work for the Chicago Police department and two of them are also Hell's Angels, go figure.
Is all this useless knowledge beneficial to the site?, i doubt it but, neither are court cases and lamenting about "what should have been".
If it's a forum with guidelines, fine, if it's a forum for those of the same ilk with a common bound of "love" and the music that inspires certain qualities, then it neeeds to run accordingly.
If i want censorship, perhpas some communistic country has a site of there own, hell, we have everything else.
"WE DEAL WITH THE MUSIC BECAUSE OF WHAT IT REPRESENTS AND THIS SITE AFFORD US THE CHANCE TO MINGLE, IF NOT IN PERSON, BY THE CHOSEN VERNACULAR OF VARIOUS PARTICIPANTS"  As much as the music was the fulcrum for being on here, the numbers would imply that there are far more of us than band members.
It takes fans to generate money and ticket buyers and unless everyone wants to meet on a Wednesday night for "Karyoke" meeting, i think the  alienation of those trying to keep this musical fire burning is not the best avenue to explore.
Let's just all say "fck it' and chalk it up to early morning fog instead of vision of sugar plums, so to speak.

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