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Posted by Paul S. on 01/10/02 - 15:52:49
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I hope P.k. can save the day. This is Jefferson Starship S.F.; meaning San Francisco!! If all our S.f. crew split, we might as well call it Jefferson Starship- Somewhere else. While I agree sometimes the personal stuff is a bit much, It doesn't really bother me. WM has a point but I think he needs to lighten up. Banning Goombah was uncalled for and I think WM should reverse his position. I think he meant fuck you as protest to telling people what to do. Isn't there enough of that Nazi bullshit in our country. Eth, Cricket, Donna please don't leave. If you leave who's gonna be on night watch. We could wander into an asteroid belt!!! I thought that anything JA/JS was synonamos with fuck you on many levels anyway. So pick up your pride MC and have a heart. And on that note I do believe Blows against the empire and a bong hit are in order. Might I suggest the same for you WEBMASTER. SEVEN THOUSAND GYPSY'S SWIRLING TOGETHER     PEACE

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