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Posted by Mission Controllin' your ass! on 01/10/02 - 13:42:42
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Yo Goom ... lay off my paisan Artski, if youz know what's good for youz.

In Brooklyn, we ain't as sensitive as some of you Nancy Boys from the Golden State ... meanin' our skin is thicker than the crust on a slice of Chicago deep dish ... capiche?!

Webcapo was merely stating that trivial, personal communication is best kept between the personal communicators, right?  I for one, haven't the time to read every post ... many of which are the exchange of pleasantries, followed by short, glib comments.  To each his own.  For me, I enjoy reading about the music ... & my board-mates feelings about the music.  I may often disagree with Scot & Keith, but I gotta have THAT other point of view, because ultimately - they are passionate about the music ... & I think that goes for the rest of us too.

When I post, I do so hoping it will be read by all because I have written that way.  I may answer a particular post, but I hope my answer will be interesting to all, because I'm trying to write it that way.

If, regardless of topic ... music, politics, travel, sports WHATEVER - if everyone posted knowing the audience is large & not one or two individuals, evryone might then be compelled to read ALL the posts.

Then again, as PK says:  "FYWDW3."

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