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Posted by Don Aters on 01/10/02 - 13:39:02
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I bow to tyour convictions............and being as you are in sunny CA. if there seems to be a vehement alienation to his text and you take it personally, either EM the Goombah, or me, or call........925-947-3717.
We can correlate a site, you name the time and place and don't worry about me appearing, I will arrive, attitude in hand, as will Goombah.
Get over it, there were enough abrasive Em's on here a few weeks ago to fill the oval office.  How pertinent is all that to the music.  I'm as interested in the other "flower children' as the band, one being the primary reason we are what we are.
Jesus, there are times when combat zones seem more adaptable than civilixation. "rock on" brother, fuckem.

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