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Posted by Ron S on 01/10/02 - 13:32:11
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I tend to agree with RobertW. Webmaster was not referring to posts that are addressed to another specific poster, such as:

John Doe-

In response to your inquiriy as to how you might obtain the Boadacious album, you might try...etc

This is useful information that can be of benefit to all, and the inclusion of the name in the post helps keep things straight when other posters come in and the sequence of posts gets a bit jumbled up.

But such posts as:

"I'll see you tonight when you come over for dinner..."

have become excessive, and more than once recently I have found myself thinking "do ALL these people know each other PERSONALLY?? Then why don't they email each other or use the phone? Using this website for specific personal day to day communications seems like an odd way to communicate."

My friendly (I hope it is friendly) criticism has nothing to do with censorship, with rules or regulations,or anything to do with keeping this from being an "open forum", and everything to do with common sense and perhaps a sense of decorum. I personally have never posted anything here without the full knowledge behind it that a world (nay, perhaps a Universe) of people (and space aliens) have access to it, and many are reading. My posts have always been inclusive of all. Yet, ironically, it is those who yell and scream about keeping this board "whole", that post the most EXclusive messages, that make sense only to one or two people.

And when Webmaster states "some people type just to see themselves in print", I think of posts that have been seen here along these lines:

We had a beautiful fettuccine alfredo dinner tonight, and washed it down with a lovely little merlot...

Again, I wonder what the motivation for such posts is, save that the poster might simply be a gregarious sort of person, and wishes to share this rather pointless information with us all. One or two of these can be charming and lend a homey touch to the site, but again the word "excessive" comes to mind. Perhaps the "fettuccine dinner" posts might be better served on a Martha Stewart website.

To repeat: There are no calls for censorship, rules, regulations or guidelines from this corner. But sometimes a little SELF editing goes a long way.

Ron S

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