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Posted by Mission Control on 01/10/02 - 13:18:08
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There are those that don't mind non-sequitor posts & threads that ramble on, with no apparent course ... continuing with oine-liners that are stream of consciousness ... AND there are those that do.

I for one, haven't the time to read every post - it's the ones that have some reference to recorded, or performed music that most interest me ... to each his own.

The webmaster's concern, I believe, is goverened by the fact that the board now cycles over itself daily.  If you're away a day or two or traveling & you haven't logged on - you may miss something of value.  The reason for this is some of 'the rambling' referred to by The Webmaster.  No one is being edited or censored here - his point is a very practical application.  This forum is a community - it's purpose is NOT for perosonal communication, but rather for the enlightenment & entertainment of all.

We're happy to see the popularity of the board grow & we're all very fond of it, but certainly, you must agree - the content herein should have something of interest to all, as opposed to personal messages for a few.

Heck, I'd rather read about Mickey Thomas, than about someone's recipe for creme brulle.

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