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Posted by Don Aters on 01/10/02 - 12:21:21
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I have no idea about posts that imply meetings or other personal entries.  The commonality of this site is rather obvious, the love of the music which has trascended from the early days of psychedelia to this century.  Granted, some Em's are tirte and pointless to the masses but most incorporate the band or "The qualities that the music stands for" and inspried the youth of America to accomplish certain goals.
If alienation of one rsults in The Domino Effect, i.e., Liz, Cricket, Eth, Donna, etc., this site will be as usefull as the task force looking for Hoffa.
Their input has been more in tune with the basic idea than all the putzing around about arrogance, likes, dilikes, etc.
If they are ascoffed at or maligned for menial references, then what about all the other trite bullshit that has no relevance to the band or the circle of friends that share the ideals of the counter culture.  Jesus, if i need a fckin pen pal, i can find relix or an old Rolling Stone and look for an "Incarcerated Dead head", it would serve the same purpose as two or three people involved on this site and saying nothing. If i want shallow, uninformative,trite messages, there is always CNN and the Govt.
As my Mother would say, think before putting your foot in the mouth.
There are far more worthwhile comments or here than trite one liners.  let's try and live with it all, there are worse things.  Hey, there is no mandate to read this, if you don't like it, try some alternative method.  i thought this was a site that would be productive and important to all of us and if it's not, I won't be crushed by it's absence.  I'm on here for the band, as evweryone knows but...........even though predicated on syntax alone, there are some refreshing people on this site.
Funny how this attitude has shifted, "Chicken one day, feathers the next".
Get over it.

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