Kent Statre at sixty

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Posted by Don Aters on 01/10/02 - 11:19:44
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In this day of medical wonders, I'm sure you could stroll the grassy knolls of Kent State Bob.
Years ago, 35-45 was considered middle-aged people.  Then it was 45-55, then 55-65 and now according to the AMA, 45 to unhealthy.  I saw a guy playing in The Maters Doubles Volleyball in Newport, R.I., and he was 6'4", 210 and 77 years old.  I asked how long he would continue to play.........and he said as long as he could get to the beach.
With that in mind, you will go back to Kent State, as long as you feel the need to go.  Will you be old at sixty?  i doubt it and if anyone should go, those who were there at the time should be a preference.
Kind of like Vietnam...........a mule and sixty acres will do.  As much as i hate it there, wouldn't have to worry about the Vietnamese, there all here working at McDonald's and living off the 100,000 ,subsidized housing and job security provided by us.
Go figure.
Think of PK and JS, the reason we still go in mass is that it keeps us young, revives the causes of a rebellious but concerned generation and the words and music are as touching and poignant now as they were then.
End of my dissertation,

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