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Posted by Liz on 01/10/02 - 11:15:56
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Hi Cricket!  I don't want to pick a fight, you're my friend,  BUT:

Internet search confirms (to me) that the leading cause of death in the US, for adults, is cancer closely followed by heart disease.  Why is it that only cigarette smoking is targeted as the Evil Thing, when it seems to me that the cancers we are experiencing are environmental in nature?  You can't "just say no" to the air that we breathe, to the man made materials that surround us in our everyday life.  My father died of pancreatic cancer (no condolences, please) and it was intimated that the disease was a result of toxins from a manufacturing plant he worked at.  Do we just say no to brooms and brushes?  The leading cause of death in the US, for children, is unintentional injury followed by cancer.  The children aren't smoking, how come THEY'RE dying of cancer?

Also, why are we not overly concerned about the risk of heart disease?  Cigarette manufacturers are condemned for their advertising techniques geared at hooking children on their drug, and their promotional objects, geared at children, have been banned  (I agree with that ban).  However, if heart disease is the 2nd leading cause of death here in the US, why do we allow McDonalds, Burger King, et al to sell Happy Meals and lure children to their restaurants with the promise of toys when it is known that a diet high in fat leads to heart disease?  And am I wrong, but isn't McDonalds one of the corporations responsible for clear cutting the Amazonian rain forest to create pastures for the cattle they butcher for their burgers? (perhaps that's just a myth)

It seems to me that cigarette smokers have been unfairly targeted.  Personally, I don't smoke cigarettes, but I do keep a crystal ashtray on my coffee table (where did that name come from, and isn't coffee illegal yet???) for my friends who do smoke.  The problems of our world are far greater than whether or not one smokes cigarettes - but that's just my opinion, many will probably disagree.

Unfortunately, I have to say that my Mother was right:  Moderation is the key to a Happy Life!   Liz  

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