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Posted by Cricket on 01/10/02 - 08:16:59
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I'm glad you said it, M.C.

& I probably should put in a warning here about the time (4:30 a.m.) & my mood (you'll see), and some apology if what I say is inappropriately personal, BUT -- it's on my mind whenever this topic comes up here, so, well, what the hell...

My dad died of esophageal cancer that was smoking & maybe alcohol-related (at least, the two in combination).  It was long ago & I'm not looking for condolences, but I did want to say a couple of things about how devastating it was, not only to him, but to those of us who loved him, to go through that whole experience.  It doesn't happen suddenly, it's not over suddenly -- there's a lot of suffering involved, over a long period of time.
& With that diagnosis, by the time you're aware of symptoms, it's generally too late.

I can't express how hard it was to see what my dad went through, treatment after treatment, & then at the end. Smoking is of course a personal choice (& M.C., you beautifully covered those bases about "other things" blah-blah-blah), but the consequences can deeply affect the lives of people we love in ways we can't possibly know. It would've been painful to lose my dad under any circumstances, but knowing that it might have made a difference if he'd quit (etc.) complicated that loss.

I truly am sorry to darken anyone's mood here, & I've held back when the topic's come up before, either feeling, well, it's none of my business, or "don't nag", or "the FYWDW3 attitude is part of what I enjoy so much about Paul", but, but...
PK, I think you do know that people here care very much about you, don't want you or the people you love to suffer (if that can be avoided), & that we hope to have you with us for many more years.  I just wish you'd think about this some more...


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