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Posted by Dave on 01/10/02 - 08:16:25
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Not to brag, but Marty sent me a holiday card in late December. Since he's the only person we know from Tampa, we knew who it was from. When it arrived, my wife & I were thrilled to read it. Its on my desk here at work now. I sent him a card and a JS video & some CDRs in return. I don't pretend to understand his relationship to Grace or to the others, but he has certainly been very nice to me. Paul too. People aren't perfect. If you accept this as fact, you take the good with the bad. I wouldn't want the band to change in any way. The onstage chemistry between Paul & Marty is like two  brothers. There's competition and respect. Both are needed in order to keep things fresh. And both guys are jokers who like to make fun of each other's traits. If they weren't such good musicians, standup comedy would be a natural fit. Marty is the yang to Paul's ying. Dave

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