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Posted by Cricket on 01/10/02 - 07:05:31
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I'm gonna let it shine..."
(You made me think of Malvina Reynolds: thank you!)

Bob, Donna(Yukiah), Eth, et al....
     It's 3:50a.m. & I have a long workday ahead & am awake in a somewhat troubled frame of mind (this is my disclaimer that I can't be articulate right now & so I'd better be brief...)
     Your words moved me, & I share the sense of our time running out, & of having to face the world we've got -- how much to be done -- and how different from what it might be.  I cherish moments of remembering what I used to feel sometimes at folk festivals (& that I still feel when I listen to songs by people like Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger, Tom Paxton -- so many more): that we're a small part of something much larger than us, that began before we were born & continues after we die ...We try to do what we can, & keep a flame going...

I just thought of a poem I love that I think speaks to what we're talking about, better than I can, so  I'll just post it.

Thank you --


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