Whistling back in the dark

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Posted by Ethel   (El Sobrante) on 01/10/02 - 03:13:09
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Donna, Donna,
   I tried to commune with Bob earlier, and erased it.  We don't feel cowed, we aren't lacking conviction.  But we lack time, energy, and follow through.  
   We're stuck in the consumptive life style, and it costs money.  And we don't even believe in it, but we enjoy it, because we are HUMAN.  (OR, perhaps we suffer because we CAN'T enjoy it)

    But that's the way they've trained us, and that's the way our bills look, and we don't seem to know any other way.

    Survival, in whatever fashion, USA.

It's fascinating to be a human animal, that can somewhat comprehend and share the dilemma, to whatever extent, during the Dash.

I try to think toward doing more and better, but it's HARD.

I've been thinking of martyrs: King, Malcom X,
Garcia, Joan of Arc, Everyone I Don't Know, etc.

Ethel, Ethel

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