Whistling in the dark

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Posted by Donna (Yukiah) on 01/10/02 - 02:07:19
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I hope we all do what we can to try to make a difference. I think about some of the things Kevin has said about setting priorties and giving precedence to hunger, the poor, etc., over animal rights & such and I think what he has said is valid and important. The problem I see with that however, is that the individual will most often have their particular issue(s) she/he feels passionate about, so that is where their energy will most likely go. I'm not so sure that's a bad thing, but if it is, how do you change human nature? Lots of folks can't even agree on where to go for lunch. Environmental issues, animal rights are important to me but if I HAD to choose one over the other, I would choose human every time.

For me it's a matter of so many issues, so little time. So I make my choices that best reflect my value system and heart. My passion lies with the poor and homeless. On a grass-roots level, I along with others do what I can to make things better on that front. And we aint gettin' to far let me tell ya. Things seem to get worse every day. But I fight on and if I'm whiltling in the dark, at least I'm whistling...usually to a JS tune. I don't know Bob, I feel so frustrated too. And like you, I put my hope in the younger ones to help turn things around. My days of street action are not over by a long shot but I don't have the energy  I used to and a tear drops every day for my faded idealism. I continue to inundate my representatives with letters, I stay the hell away from the corporate mainstream press and I've checked out of the two headed corporate party system and vote for those whose values reflect my own. And I hope with all my heart and soul that one day we will see a better world.

Love & Light
Donna (Yukiah)


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