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Posted by Keith E Rice on 01/10/02 - 01:04:08
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I really don't want to eat meat - I intend to become a vegetarian - because I don't think we should kill animals when there are nutritional alternatives. But, oh, the smell of that baconburger...I'm going to have to have it. Shit, my hands are reaching into my pocket for the money to buy a baconburger - I now intend to buy a bacon burger. But I'll never eat meat again afterwards.

You could argue that the different intentions in this example are long and short-term....Me, I'd say it comes off as "confused".

As for vaccuous....I'd argue that the Starship which made the WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL - now don't overdo it, Keith! -  "NO PROTECTION" were pretty-much empty-headed in the context of producing great music. "Art" was simply not on their radar.

However, when it came to taking money off teenagers, their intent was very specific indeed.

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