Marty on Grace - Huh?!?!?

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Posted by Keith E Rice on 01/10/02 - 00:46:39
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Try CRAWDADDY Jan 77 - the "Fuck Grace Slick? I wouldn't let Grace Slick blow me" issue - for Marty having a downer on Grace.

It refers to DJs playing "Miracles" by Grace Slick & Jefferson Starship.

From what I've read, I think you're pretty much on the right lines here, Chris.

You can enhance this theory by noting that one of the results of Grace's hits and media-friendliness undermining Marty's position as band leader was that it allowed Jack and Jorma to say to him: "Your songs are shit." [ROLLING STONE, Jan 76] "Marty was never the same again after that," according to Kantner.

As for Scott's theory, according to the CRAWDADDY interview, Grace regularly used to come banging on Marty's door on tour at night, "screaming, 'Balin, let me in.'" (She admits to having done it once.)

So Marty couldn't claim there wasn't the opportunity!!

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