Marty on Grace on VH-1

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Posted by Chris Hager on 01/09/02 - 21:09:59
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I am not attempting to speak for Marty by saying what I think he meant on the VH-1 program regarding his comments about Grace.  But think about this.  The band, if the histories I've read are accurate, was pretty much his idea at the beginning.  Grace enters.  For whatever reasons, she quickly starts getting the press.  Articles refer to the band as Grace Slick and Jefferson Airplane, and later Grace Slick and Jefferson Starship.  Marty was a lead singer, too!  Still is, when I last checked.  I once actually heard a radio DJ, after playing Miracles, say, "...and that was Grace Slick and Jefferson Starship." (!)  Now without speaking for Marty, I figure that would have to get really annoying after awhile.  I'm not saying I think that Grace did anything to cause that situation, and I don't think, after watching the VH-1 special quite a few times, that Marty was saying that.  But it happened, and that would cause at least some bitterness in many people were it to happen to them.   Just my opinion.  Regards, Chris Hager

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