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Posted by Wayne on 01/09/02 - 19:51:23
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"I wonder if PK, M.C., Webmaster, et al. may get weary sometimes with all the thank-you's here on deck. . . . " Cricket

Interesting observation Cricket.  As a newbie to this group, and looooooooooong time JA/JS fan, I find myself holding back on commenting on lots of posts because the first thing that comes to mind is to gush praise.  I really don't know any of you except Chris Hager and so haven't yet been willing to offer any controversial/satiric/wry/ironic comments because it is often tough to get this across in the written word as intended without slathering emoticons all over the place.  Not that I'm dripping with charged messages that I'm waiting to get off my chest but the set-and-setting hasn't felt right yet, other than to heap on the praise.

Not being sure of where to go from here I'll just make the observation that this music acompanies me on my almost daily walkabouts here in Lancaster, PA.  I live on a hill and almost daily go wandering for an hour or two along the ridges and through hill and dale, most usually with the JA/JS in the ear buds.  Summer or winter, rain or shine, this marching about to this pshychedelic muse must release just the right amount of endorphins because my wife tells me when I return my pupils are dilated and I'm smiling as if I'd partaken of some type of elevating substance.
That's the power though of the music and a quiet mind.

Ironicaly, I've ended up gushing praise.  Ah well.


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