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Posted by Bob on 01/09/02 - 16:04:12
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I too find myself totally frustrated these days with the political status of this wonderful country.
Paul, remember the response to:
“America love it or leave it”
“America change it or lose it!”
It still rings true today if . . . if people really cared enough to rise up again. But . . . we’re 30 some odd years older. Many of us would never be able out run a phalanx of baton wielding riot police without having a massive coronary. And most of us are comfortable.
Is civil disobedience the only way to change things?
Hell, sometimes I really think so. I try to look at our system of elections and understand the corruption and it’s depth. I mean here in Florida as I am sure most everywhere, if a person wants to be elected to even a small mayoral office it costs millions. What does the office pay, 40 – 100 thousand a year? It doesn’t take a genius to realize that the corruption begins right there and the higher the office the deeper the prostitution by the politician. So what’s the cure? Massive election reform? Passed by whom, those whose coffers are filled by that system. Won’t happen.
Then we’re right back to the sixties again. The system is riddled with cancer and the cancer must be removed for the patent to have a full recovery. In order to do this it would take a force, an event, something that would threaten enough people in an obvious way to destabilize apathy. It would require the involvement of our young people because they have the unspoiled idealism needed for sacrifices required to win the struggle. It would require the support and direction provided by us who have been there – done that. Personally that’s the only way I see it happening.
 And please, don’t get me wrong I too love it here. I just see how much better we could be with some major house cleaning.    

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