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Posted by Don Aters on 01/09/02 - 13:54:11
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I eventually decided to abstain from reading the newspaper after i came back from the war.................and during the interim time all i ever see is who is killing who, taxes, politics and religion, i.e., subsequent rip-offs.
Years ago, Rolling Stone was the epicenter of music, images, reviews, etc., but after Jann became a millionaire and converted to the slick asurface format in 1980, the bulk of the magazine is now, politics, aids, and fleeting head bangers that will fade into obscurity in about 18 months or so.
I now read books like, the new Stones, new beatles, etc., and even Relix has become disheaveled and rambling.  Another reason to relocate to the east bay, I can see the music that matters when they are playing locally and write the reviews myself.
My God, when John Kahn died, a blurb about his passing was on page 16, that predicated on the fact that he died the same day as Leary.  Which was more vital to his chosen art form?  Timothy Leary..........geez..........who cares.
If i had to put everyone I've ever known that haas done acid, I would have to rent a fleet of recreational vehicles.
A well known professor, turned acid freak, is more prominient than John kahn, especially in the bay area?  That in itself is a travesty but..........that's why i don't read the fking newspaper.
Most newspapers are proof of constant indecision and ignorance.  After printing, assumption now results in verification.

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