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Posted by Paul K on 01/09/02 - 11:55:05
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On the opposite side of the America rant

most of us I believe will understand that, with all its faults this
country of ours has more going FOR it than most of the other countries
on this our beloved home planet.

do you want to be in Zambia, Turkmenistan, even Eritrea
not to mention Mexico Honduras Peru or Indonesia
...on a full time basis

I thought not
and I imagine not many of the black separatists, muslims or what-all
would vote to return to Africa
full time
nor Chinese to China
nor Iranians to Iran

see what I mean?

It's just that I was at the dentist yesterday and I never get closer to
god than in the dentist chair, with nitrous oxide and Janis in the
earphones ("Down On Me")

so perhaps forgive my skewered takes on this

[ed. note: Jefferson Airplane did, solely and on their own accord,
reintroduce nitrous oxide to the formal dental community of the United
States way back in the antediluvian 60s]

that being said:

Let us not forget the GOOD things that this country has done and
provided for each of us
You all have your own list
can we compare?

And that being said
let us take note of the fear-mongering, anti-life forces seeking to
disabuse us of ALL we hold dear (as Ed Anger might say)
They would have us fear/proscribe, all in the name of health and clean
living, et al, with dire warnings and pusillanimous protestation:
Sunlight, white bread, mother's milk, guns, cigarettes, cars, red meat,
air travel, car travel, ship travel>>>ANY travel ("just stay home
and...shut up"), sprayed vegetables, treated foods, apple pie, air,
water, fucking, drugs, pot, milk...
and sometimes, with good cause
well, you get the idea

Add to that the perhaps real worries:
god>>>Koresh, Jones Falwell Robertson, popes, pedophiles, mullahs and
the very Reverend Billy Bob
democracy of the un-self-educated, decline of the press, corporate
hells, HMOs etc...
communism, buddhisms, muslims
and on>>>
police corruption, vote corruption, the castrated press, money in
politics, bad medicines (side effects), fluorescent light
(electro-magnetic pollution >>> as well, in your toaster, your can
opener, your TV, your hair dryer, your microwave oven, bad buildings
whose windows don't open, air conditioning

I could go on forever, couldn't I

and my point in the middle of this all is that we still have one of the
best places in the world to do whatever the Fk it is that we do

Irrespective of country and politics, there is the fog-swept beauty of a
winter morning , there is a redwoods summer, its aroma, and dappled
sunlight, the crash of the sea on a time-worn beach, and, for me, the
statue of Diana in the morning mist

more later...

San Francisco

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