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Posted by Liz on 01/09/02 - 10:05:13
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I've been using for most of my travels.
Through them I have recently arranged:

MSP/SFO + 4 nts Mark Hopkins @823.00
also, for some wierd reason -
MSP/Iceland + 3 nts apartment @651.00

Europe in the summer will be expensive but they, or other on-line travel sites, would have negotiated rates which might work out for you!

I'm not sure why I'm going to Iceland for Easter weekend....  
something about the Blue Lagoon, (geothermal seawater at 104 degrees),
and I believe I will have a great view of the night sky
(not a lot of light pollution in the north arctic)
(a perfect place to listen to BLOWS, I would think...)

Icelandic food sounds a little scary:
Hakarl is made of rotten shark and acompanied with an intoxicating brew called svarti dauoi (black death)  "in this way the fumes and fire of caraway-flavoured schnapps go some way towards masking the putrid stench of a fish that's been buried in the sand for some 3 months...."

that is one of the reasons we're renting an apartment WITH A KITCHEN!!!!!!!

Have FUN!    Liz

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