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Posted by Cricket on 01/09/02 - 10:00:44
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here are a few that people recommended:

www.acorn.org (economic & social justice)

alternet.org (thoughtful/progressive discussion)

americas.org (grassroots analysis/news re: Latin America)

buzzflash.com ("unwavering dedication to holding Bush and the Republicans' feet to the fire for their general dishonesty, arrogance, lust for power, and greed (and the Democrats' too for all-round wimpiness")

www.clamormagazine.org ("primarily produced by young adults...proves that anarchism can be thoughtful, analytical, and even nondogmatic")

commondreams.org ("combs the media for the best progressive editorials of the day...daily news updates from a variety of independent sources")

www.dailyhowler.com  ("keen critical intellect...brings a sense of outrage to its evisceration of sleaze, sophistry, and studpidity in media; ...underlying devotion to democracy...sharp and often uproarious wit")

www.madkane.com/bush.html  (humor and satire)

www.guardian.co.uk  ("top-notch investigative journalism and a relatively objective analysis...I read things there that I don't hear about from US news sources for days, if at all")

IndyMedia.org  ("covers local and national events as posted by its readers: 'If you don't like the media, BECOME the media'")

www.lalutta.org  ("one of the nation's most progressive, informative and cutting-edge media sources...mixes politics with art, organizing with culture and -- most important -- the voice of the people with news reporting")

www.meria.net  ("presents the news and info that the corporate-owned media censor...'the other side of the coin (or the con)'")

www.theonion.com  ("some of the best satire")

TheSpleen.com  ("irreplaceable, irreverent...provides fresh angles and critical thinking")

www.whoseflorida.com  ("grassroots effort in response to Jeb Bush's initiatives to dismantle and privatize state gov't...the Florida story largely ignored by the press")

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