A Headache...Comin' Back To Me

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Posted by scot on 01/09/02 - 09:36:34
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That was one of the best pieces of work
by Marty. The Airship are so lucky to
have it in their repertoire.

It was unbelievable a year or so ago
when Marty came out for their first
encore and did the song by himself...
blew me away. (State Theater, suburban DC)
Much more touching song than "Miracles".
I would be happy to see that song retired
from their playlist.

But for headaches...you're right. There is
no comparison to the "80's Super Mega Movie
Soundtrack Hit". "We Built.." I did like
especially when I saw the video the night
before I saw their concert in Birmingham...
Grace looked so cool and "pop"...hehe!


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