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Posted by according to ethel on 01/09/02 - 01:53:16
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Synchronicity AGAIN!

The concept "accordian" arose in a basal story today and there was no picture.  I expected my vivid description to bring recognition from my 7 year olds----but it DIDN'T!   Looking at their blank stares I said, "I will bring you a picture."

At that moment I envisioned myself scanning out of the encyclopedia.  I COMPLETELY FORGOT that at home I had sitting TWO 11" x 14" VIVID accordian photos of players who can make the instrument SING: Mookie Siegel and Pete Sears (your's Cricket), and all signed by the artists!!!!!!!!!

WELL DON>>>>>>>   I guess my curriculum will come ALIVE tomorrow!  Just had to share this with you.

I will tell you Don, and all, how their faces looked---and some of their questions.

These are the moments.   Ethel

Cricket, I ask your permission ASAP, to take your 'Pete' photo to school for 1 DAY!  

DANGEROUS!!...I promise dribble protection.   E


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