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Posted by Stuart Drucker on 01/09/02 - 00:55:55
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If Grace _had_ recorded a solo version of "No One's Gonna Stop Us now", who knows? If it was as big a hit as it was with icky Mickey on co-lead vocals, she might have had her first major hit (with her on lead) since the 60's.

It would have been a total sellout, but she might have been competing with Cher for undead female icon status on contemporary hit radio.

Or even a more subversive thought--imagine that Grace launched a solo career singing Diane Warren-penned songs, with duets with people like Heart. With that going, maybe there's no Airplane reunion, and no falling out between Jorma and Paul. We might be seeing tandem Hot Tuna/KBC tours in the late 80's, sort of an extended version of the show(s) with PK and Hot Tuna in 1988.

Top that off with the Dead collapsing with Garcia's death, and maybe the JA alumni pick up the torch for Deadheads looking for a band.

Just a thought--I'm not claiming it's likely, given the personalities, but just a what-if that might flow from Grace and Mickey splitting up after Grace has a hit.

Having said that, I agree that "Love Rusts" and "Babylon" were underrated Grace songs on otherwise horrid albums.

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