Vaccuous Intent

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Posted by Educational Fundamentalist on 01/09/02 - 00:42:20
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My dear Eth

In this context at least - which means I (note the "I" word here!) can change meanings entirely for other contexts - no universal language translator for me!...

"Vaccuous itent" means the empy-headed moneygrabbers had no concept of producing great music - they just wanted to make a pop music album that would steal a lot of teenagers' money from out of their pockets. In so crafting "NO PROTECTION", they turned out what Mickey described as "a near-perfect pop album" - and he's right.

Producing such a good album with vaccuous intent could mean also that there was a considerable degree of luck in just how good that album was, Certainly its predecessor, "HOOPLA", and its follow-up, "CANNIBALS", are nowhere near tha same league.

"KBC BAND" came from "confused intent" because one person (Kantner) and half a person (the right half of Balin's brain) wanted to make great music and one person (Clive Davies) and a half (Balin's left brain) wanted to make pop music to steal teenager's money.

The Paul-Marty "edge" normally works to some degree or other; but here it was swamped in inappropriate covers and the worst echoey production since Rick Jarrard ruined "SURREALISTIC PILLOW".

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