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Posted by kevin r schmidt on 01/08/02 - 23:30:28
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A call to action is in order.  But I do not believe a call to action on all fronts is the proper way to wage and win this battle.  That is where I believe we have a major distinction on how to solve the problems at hand.  To diversify fronts is to weaken the attack (diversity is to divide ... think about that).  I believe that if we are to improve conditions we must prioritize our objectives and work from there.  We have to champion for better healthcare, eradicate famine, poverty, war, and the homeless problems first.  After those problems are solved then people can worry about trivial matters such as animal rights.  The factions we have to go up against to change things want people to be divided so change will not take place.  

We have to stop being "culturally sensitive" so new immigrants will be encourage to assimilate into our country so they can lead happy, rewarding, and productive lives.
Cultural sensitivity is polluting our legal system with subjective standards.  We have to abandon a bilingual education and society and all speak one language.  One language will unit us as one nation and as a people otherwise we will not be able to talk to one another.  People have to toughen up and just get use to the fact that respect is earned by hard work and setting goals for yourself.  Respect is not something earned by manipulating the legal system.  The affluent of this nation have to learn that wealth is not a privilege but a responsibility.

Everyone who goes out there and champions for cute little animals and their rights are the same people who cannot deal with real problems like famine, disease, war, and the homeless is only making things worse for everyone.  Animal rights is not interrelated to curing the more serious problems facing this nation and the world we live in.  To keep saying it is will keep people like Bush and Chenny in power.  They want to keep the people divided.  They will succeed as long as all of you keep trying to divide people with your tunnel vision view of the perfect world.      

We must set goals for ourselves as one nation.  As one nation we must work towards them together as one people and not as Warlords.  Most of you are too lost in your own diverse multitude vision of utopia to even see that you are your own worst enemy and that is keeping the people we abhor in power.  

And as Tara pointed out very clearly.  The majority of people are afraid of being confrontational.  

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