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Posted by Liz on 01/08/02 - 23:18:42
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I was reading Propaganda & the Public Mind
(Conversations with Noam Chomsky)
until Cricket sent me a new book titled:
The Difficulty of Being a Dog......

The Chomsky book is really good,
reality totally sucks, and thus I am easily diverted...

However, I need to read BOTH, I think,
to maintain some sort of balance.

To quote Chomsky:
"Anyone who has any dealings with children knows that they're curious and creative.  They want to explore things and figure out what's happening.  A good bit of schooling is an effort to drive this out of them and to fit them into a mold, make them behave, stop thinking, not cause trouble... People are supposed to be obedient producers, do what they're told, and the rest of your life is supposed to be passive consuming.  Don't think about things.  Don't know about things.  Don't bother your head with things like the MAI or international affairs.  Just do what you're told, pay attention to something else and maximize your consumption.  That's the role of the public.  People like Walter Lippmann say the public must be "spectators," not participants.  That's for the "responsible men."

I think we need to:
Start Thinking.  Stop Behaving.  Cause Trouble.

In response to the advise of our Prezident, I made homemade Christmas Gifts this year, spent far less money than usual, and am now down to 1 credit card that must be paid in full when the bill arrives.

It won't change the world, but it's a start.   Liz

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