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Posted by Cricket on 01/08/02 - 22:55:04
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I went nuts a few months ago when I came home & played the "BYRDS Live at the Fillmore - February 1969" CD!  

I was skittish, having been burned by some previous "Live at the Fillmore" releases.  No way did I imagine this would be so good...

Clarence White, John York, Gene Parsons, & Roger McGuinn all were in top form those two nights.  Outstanding playing, great singing, astonishingly good recording quality for that period...  I played the CD over & over for days and then started buying multiple copies to leave in friends' mailboxes. It would've been hard not to... If any BYRDS fans out there don't have this one, you're missing a peach.
No, a peach tree.
No jive...


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