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Posted by Tara on 01/08/02 - 21:25:14
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You can do whatever you have the will to do about it...but isn't that almost always the trip-up?  After weighing the cost of effort necessary to bring about change, it's the ones who figure they'll leave it to someone else and go back to their warm homes to sit on their fluffy couches and eat ample dinners in front of big screen color TVs that lament the sorry state of the world more than anyone.  

Evil thrives when good men do nothing

If you don't like something, get your ass in gear and try to change it--or else, stop bitching

I once wrote a song about the reflection you get when you turn off the television after watching the news...a flash of sympathy may temporarily show in the eyes, but when it comes down to it, how many people really brush the potato chip crumbs off their chests, change out of their sweatclothes, leap up off the couch and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT?!!

Only a few brave, unselfish souls

We shouldn't have to check our daily planners to see if helping people fits into our schedule


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