I Beg Your Pardon

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Posted by scot on 01/08/02 - 20:31:01
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I'll admit it...I have several times before here
on wonderful A-Deck...
I liked alot of what the Starship did in the 80's
(Winds Of Change, Nuclear Furniture, Knee Deep In The Hoopla) ....but I hated that fucking "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now"!
Grace mouthed off about what a perfect love song it was and how she would record it solo if Mickey didn't agree to record it as a duet with her.
At least Paul has always stuck to his motives and consistent abilities.
I think somebody must've pulled a shotgun on Grace back in '87 to make her think that way.


P.S. Doesn't "MC" stand for some type of mushroom that Grace enjoyed? *LOL*

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