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Posted by Astonished Fundamentalist on 01/08/02 - 19:15:44
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...and I thought you were one of the few on this board who could see through the smokescreens to appreciate Starship for what they were...a mixed-up bunch of old hippies and younger fraudsters who, in their desperation for hits, would do almost anything for that next hit single - yet couldn't stop their grounding in integrity (Slick and Sears especially) seeping through at times. And at times mega-so!

"NO PROTECTION" is as vacuous in its intent as it is brilliant in its execution and production - a far superior album to the near-contemporaneous "KBC BAND" - confused intent and very varied execution and production.

"Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now", for me, is the "Today" of 87 - and it touched the hearts of lovers in that year as strongly as "Miracles" inspired lovers in 75. (I only wish Marty had sung it!)

Earlier this evening I made a private e-mail in which I said how much I admired how you stood up for what you believed (in spite of the quite-unpleasant abuse directed your way at times by other A-deckers).

Don't go wimp on me, now!

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