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Posted by Paul S. on 01/08/02 - 17:22:49
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It's good to know your out there. Thanks to people like you, Pk, Garcia etc., I'm not one of the totally brainwashed masses. You couldn't pay me enough to join the miliary. I remember back when the Desert Shield was building up in the gulf and my friends and I all got our address comfirmation in the mail from the Selective Services. A good friend of mine's brother Dan Jones was the first to die in the build up before the war has even started. He got electrocuted somehow. He was a head but was lured into joining. Nevermind the many who came home with "Gulf War Syndrome", whatever that is. Obviously no comparison to the Vietnam era but certainly an eye opener. I also remember seeing on tv the dedication of the Nixon Library and the revival of how great he was. He was too smart for anyones good. I don't know just rambling. As for going to shows I know what you mean, FREEBIRD GUY HAS GOT TO GO!!! Olympic Bong Team anyone??  PEACE

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