RIP Giancarlko Blasi ...

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Posted by Mission Control on 01/08/02 - 17:20:49
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... whom we met in Italy in 1995 .. & who dies shortly theresafter.  he was a terrific, sweet man & BIG fan ... funny story:  We played Naples that Sept. & as is often the case in Italy (beautiful country, terrific food, wonderful people), the power was somewhat ... VARIABLE ... meaning, it tended to blow!  During that show's power outage, we got John Blasi up on stage, gave him a megaphone & had him tell the Neopolitan fans, what the hell was happening.

After the show, we had an amazing meal @ 2AM, wherein we were joined by Jack Bruce ... it was the first time the two Jacks ... pre-eminent bassists of their era, had gotten to dine together & it was a heady moment.

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