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Posted by Don Aters on 01/08/02 - 16:20:13
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Thanks but that wasn't nor isn't always the case.
I will say it's easier for me to try and be nice to everyone, although "trying" isn't the term of choice.  If it takes a concerted effort to be nice to anyone, you're beating a dead horse.
I just find it easier to curb this "reactionary" persona with the things that PK, Marty, Peter Albin, Garcia, and others tired to perpetuate through the music.
The malady has always been, if there is one dickhead in a crowd of 20000, he will have a seat next to me after the alloted time for images, @ he will be pouring beer down my shirt and screaming "Free Bird".
Those guys try my patience and like everyone, a breaking point will arrive and if it's a shot at the title they want, i will provide it for them.
If i don't avoid it, one day it will ultimately destroy me as once it unravels, that mentality from "The dark Ages' seems to take over and I get where I like it.
I think the Govt. now refers to that syndrome as "tunnel vision" but..........screw em.  They should have let me continue my merry life at Indiana University, running track and auditioning for "The Big Ten Bong Smoking Team".
A pity that youth is truly wasted on the young.
I think the running thing is history after years of rehab but, aspirations for the "Bong Team" seem to creep back into reality on occasions.
It's the little victories.

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