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Posted by Don Aters on 01/08/02 - 16:10:19
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I remember when Hoffman said "Trust no person over the age of thirty", which was rubbish but...........not in any given order, don't trust.
(1)  politicians, especially those in Washington, being paid exhorbitant amounts of money to do free luches, travel and subsidided housing.
(2)..any military person that says it's an adventure and you'll love it.
(3) anyone who thinks that this isn't the most violent country on the planet
(4) anyone who thinks it's okay to kill or commit crimes and not be punished for said act.
(5) any person who lashes out at animls, usually indicative of lashing out at people.
(6) same format for anyone who speaks badly about their parents...........
(7) never trust a guy with striped shirt, plaid tie and tassles on his shoes.  He's probably having sex with his boss regardless of gender
(8) and..........being as we are on this site, never trust anyone who thinks they know more about the band than the band does.

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