The New World Order

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Posted by Paul S. on 01/08/02 - 15:25:20
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Welcome...So what can we do about it? Us Americans have been getting fucked over by our own Govt as far back as anyone cares to remember. I grew up in the 80's and missed out on the big 60's fuck you. IMHO it seems unlikely that things will change if the majority is sleeping. What will it take? In the 60's Americans observed JFK get blown away. And what happened, it was covered up and blamed on some patsy. Just a few years ago i viewed the Zapruder film of the assasination. So many times I saw the tape up to the point just before JFK's head blew apart. For me it was jawdropping. Having now seen his head come apart among all the the other gunshots it's unbeleivable to me that the powers that be got away with this. If you have never seen it I highly reccamend it. I know my parents have never seen this and they were married in '63. How many others have not seen the obvious. Are we Americans that fucking stupid?? Now back to 2000. Bush is this a joke, a bad dream perhaps. No, we just got fucked over again!!! This reminds me of one of PK's earlier posts where he said he's tried to believe in God but maybe he/she/IT doesn't give a shit. Something is definately FUCKED!!! DITTO !!   PEACE

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