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Posted by P on 01/08/02 - 10:43:21
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Kindergarten?  Are you serious, Eth?  For the past few days I've been a custodian to 4 yr old twin girls--a 'gift' to friends who are off enjoying some well-deserved playtime.  

My house is a wreck, and it is anything but childproof. My cat disappeared somewhere inside my place for 24 hours and reappeared with a limp. Looks like a trip to the vet is inevitible.

When I was engaged in a lengthy (at least for me) post the other day, it took me 10 times longer to produce AND I forgot to mention Slick's name (blasphemy!). Hard to concentrate with duets of  of "Can I pet the kitty, can I pet the kitty, huh, huh"?  

Now, we are playing with clay.  Clay is a GOOD medium--much easier to deal with than paint.  Yes!  We are sculpting dinosaurs.  There's one for our beloved (truly) MC.  If I only knew where to send it...

My energy level is on RESERVE right now. I'm  hoping that you have much more energy than I if you decide to go the kindergarten route.  Maybe you'll be able to get things done during nap time or maybe you'll be joining them!

I must go and join in the laughter (what? no fighting?). Don't get me wrong, I DO LOVE the little buggers.

Good luck in your future endeavor :-).


P.S. Next purchase--a sandbox.


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