A Vietnam Special spells it out

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Posted by Don Aters on 01/08/02 - 03:06:54
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After all the bickering lately and this period of medicinal problems, I forced myself to watch a TV Special about Vietanm Vets and the aftermath of such a place, i.e., idiors spitting on you, the ever popular baby killer connetations, yada, yada, yada.
After the inevitable tag that one gets when leaving such a place, i.e., post shock syndrome, delayed stress or in my case, intermittent, explosive, behavior patterns, it's a miracle that most of us aren't playing badminton in Belleview.
The music was the healing solvent for most of us and we were at an age where not old enough to drink but certainly old enough to die.
Fortunately, the music led to a conviction that it's simply easier to be kind.  That compassion comes with one hell of a price for a lot of us and patronizing from the govt. doesn't help a great deal.  What seemed like a sense of adventure rapidly deteriorated when death was the common denominator.
With that in mind, choose your words carefully, there aren't many bands or musicians that are capable of healing a nation and its wounds.  One of those was PK, marty, Jack, Jorma, Grace and Spencer at the time and the early days of jefferson Airplane.  Whatever configuration they are in now, "rock on", if you continue to play...........we will certainly continue to listen.
"Rock In Peace"

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