2 KEITH: Surveillance Report on PETE SEARS & the Dawn Patrol

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Posted by Cricket on 01/08/02 - 01:43:39
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Dear Sir:

     A while back, a certain Ms. Eth notified me that you were asking for details about this gig.

     Understand, I do not blame donuts for what follows. However, I was at the Sweetwater from 6:15 p.m. Sat. (BEFORE the sound check!) until @ 2:00 a.m. Sun.-- and, I'm not kidding, sir, nearly the whole time there was a piece of lime in my glass, watching me.  I couldn't leave (which was fine, since I had no wish to) but neither could I track the set-list for any length of time without the little bugger moving.  So, where there are gaps in my reporting, think: LIME.  I was, after all, on duty.

Answer to your first query:  No songs from "Watchfire" (which I agree is "gorgeous").

Musicians (besides Pete):

Davey Pattison, lead vocals, rhythm guitar
Rich Kirch. lead guitar
David Hayes, bass
Ernest Carter, drums

[biographical info on band members is available @ www.petesears.com
check under "The Dawn Patrol"]

guest appearances by:

Warren Haynes
Wavy Gravy & bass (which I previously mis-identified as a trout); leash-law fully observed
Maria Muldaur
Mal Sharpe
uh-oh... (KB, are you out there?):
was it Francis Clay?  (used to play w/Muddy Waters)

Now it's going to get pitiful...  

This is probably at most 60% of the list.  If I'd found a way to lose the lime (or planned this list), I'd've done better, sir.  The band was SO INCREDIBLY GOOD, & played their hearts out: They deserve a flawless report.  However, this is what they get, unless Kb checks in & rescues me...

As Eth mentioned,
they did stunning covers of:
Ain't No Sunshine
Whiter Shade of Pale
People Get Ready

also, I believe,
the Ventures' "Wipe Out,"
minus the deranged opening scream...
also (Kb! Mayday! Mayday!)
a couple of Van Morrison songs

Most were from Pete Sears's new CD,
"The Long Haul,"
which everyone in the entire agency considers terrific.  Frankly, it keeps getting better and better, the more we listen, and we haven't even BEGUN playing it backwards!

Yes, right you are, the songs:

Brother John
Fair to Even Odds
Marin County Blues
Sweet Definition
12 Long Years and No Parole

Now, I understand that you claimed to hate Ms. Eth for having attended this show.  Please believe me,  there is an alternative to hatred.  In fact, there are three:


New George's, San Rafael, CA.  2/15/02
Sweetwater, Mill Valley, CA    3/2/02
Sweetwater, again...........   3/8/02  

(I'll double check & come back to correct this if necessary)

Finally, to prove that I work for a full-service (& not only half-assed) agency, I offer you the following tip:

Current round-trip airfare London/SFO: $358. (U.S.)

Sir: We dare you.


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