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Posted by Don Aters on 01/08/02 - 01:39:37
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I often tend to ramble, become to wordy but............it's what i know.  I suppose I get somewhat defensive when those that we respect and admire come under scrutiny of others.  If they were close friends, maybe, but to rely on conjecture means that you listen to all the useless rhetoric and not the music.
Personality clashes are a commonality among artists of any genre, i.e., painting, photography, music, etc.  There is always a certain amount of arrogance that mirrors a given talent, knowing that you accomplished something that few others can do.
To this site, you are a gift, PK, Marty, and the current JS need not dwell on what used to be but more involved on what will be.
Your always positive attitude will do more for the band than the continuing saga of who is mad at who and frankly, who gives a fck.
I like PK, more because of his attitude than anything.  Sure, i appreciate what he has given to music as we know it but........"The take no prisoners" attitude speaks loudly for me.  Been there and done that to the tune of an entire decade of plastic surgery but through all the trials of being 18 and 19 in the north deltas.....there was always the tunes of Surrealistic Pilow.  The fact that those songs let me drift away from that horrible place and my own demeanor make PK and i more closely synonymous than even he would know.
Anyway............dissertation over.
peace and hugs

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