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Posted by Keith E Rice on 01/08/02 - 00:52:53
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When I last abandoned my Airship book due to domestic demands from the new woman - "You love that bloody band more than me! Give me more time!" - it broke my heart (like usual) and I deleted the file in pique.

Later, I decided I should post it to Adrian Brown who, according to his Web Site, is threatening to write one too. Only I discovered the back-up file was corrupted. Shit!

Of course, the woman is history now as well as the book.

Funny, the women seem to come and go; but my love for the Airship goes on. Or, is that why my women come and go?

I keep getting tempted to start it again - browsing Web Sites like Jason's Unofficial Starship Page - the Mickey Thomas one - where there is so much information I could cut and paste to get me the skeletal structure to get going again.

But then I know I don't have the time workwise - and then what's the next woman going to demand...?

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